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One mom and three kids sitting in a restaurant booth watching cartoon characters walk through a simulated kitchen.

Overview of the Cartoon Network Hotel store, with a variety of colorful plush toys, apparel, souvenirs and more

Smiling female barista holds a coffee cup while standing in front of a mural of animated bears

A hotel room with queen bed and bunk beds in the background

Mother and daughter lounge in oversized egg chair in a hotel lobby

Kids play skeeball and other arcade games

Inflatable pink flamingo floats in an indoor pool

Child plays a virtual reality game with a large headset covering his face

Coffee cup and three macaroons themed to look like bears

Close-up shot of colorful games and toys inside Cartoon Network Hotel store

Families relax inside the dimly-lit cafe inside the Cartoon Network Hotel

Two beds with Adventure Time cartoon theming sit inside a standard guest room at the Cartoon Network Hotel

Overview of a living room in the Steven Universe dream suite, including a couch and artistic designs on walls

A hotel room with bunk beds and a queen bed in the background

Two parents and three children sitting in a special