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Join the Cartoon Crew

Saving the Day Before Ending Time

What's it like to work with your favorite cartoons? Find out for yourself with exciting employment opportunities at the world's first Cartoon Network Hotel! Make your next job one filled with adventure, power puff, and aliens?!

Toon-tastic memories, friends, and valuable job experience are through the doors alongside your favorite Cartoon Network Characters! Join a fun and inclusive work environment and apply for one of the most "mathematical" jobs in Lancaster, PA!


Our Team is Mathematical!

Here at the Cartoon Network Hotel, you'll find more than a place to work. You’ll find competitive wages, flexible hours, accommodating schedules, and growth opportunities. We also offer cartoon crew discounts, incentive programs, appreciation events, unlimited admission to select theme parks and so much more!


Apply Today!

Looking to join the Cartoon Crew? 
We'd love to have you! View our listed Full Time & Part Time positions below and join us in the People & Organization Office on Monday, May 13th from 1pm-7pm for our open hiring event!

We're Hiring for 2024!

Make your next job Toon-tastic and Join the Cartoon Crew Today!



  • Full-Time Positions

    Check back for toon-tastic job opportunities!

  • Open Positions

    We have so many fun and exciting positions here at the hotel! Gain valuable job experience while learning a variety of skills with one of the best jobs in Lancaster! Jobs at the Cartoon Network Hotel include working in a variety of functions, including the opportunity to work in some of the following positions:

    Food & Beverage

    Hotel Bearista (Barista)

    Dining Room Attendant

    Entertainment & Aquatics

    ** Lifeguard - 16+ / Training Provided **
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    Entertainment Crew
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  • Perks

    Cartoon Network Hotel team members enjoy exclusive perks and privileges when working here at the Hotel!

    Flexible & Accommodating Schedules
    We offer a variety of positions that are perfect for those looking for a flexible hours and an accommodating schedule! No matter your availability, we'd love to have you on our crew!

    Employee Recognition Programs
    Recognition programs are implemented for our crew to earn incentives based off of their attendance and performance.

    Discounts on Cartoon Network Hotel Food & Merchandise
    Our crew may purchase select food and merchandise items for up to 50% off when presenting their valid Cartoon Network Hotel ID.

    Opportunities for Advancement
    For those who are looking to take their job experience to the next level, the Cartoon Network Hotel offers many advancement opportunities to those who exhibit leadership and responsibility. Supervisory roles include leading others, coaching and training team members, and making a positive influence on hotel operations within a fun and fast-paced environment. 

  • Employee Testimonials

    KittyFront Desk Agent/Retail Associate
    Favorite CN show - "Steven Universe"
    "I first wanted to work here because it is so brightly colored and friendly. When you walk in, it feels like a cartoon world. I love working with kids and adults that are really into shows and grew up with them; so, they are a really important part of their life."

    Carmen - Room Inspector
    Favorite CN show - "Power Puff Girls"
    "My favorite part of the job is the people, of course! Everybody is so friendly and welcoming and they respect each other. It's a really nice facility for guests, children especially. It just brings people in, the whole building, how it's set up; it's very fun and colorful!"

    Jade - Management Team
    Favorite CN show - "We Bare Bears"
    "I like working for a brand that promotes diversity across their shows and company! Being so team oriented here is what makes the job so fun and motivational. We are the worlds FIRST Cartoon Network Hotel, that's very unique!"

    Becky - Sous Chef 
    Favorite CN show - "Adventure Time"
    "I wanted to work here because I am a child at heart. Everyone I met after starting was just so welcoming and accepting; it was just a dream! I've had a lot of ability for creativity and advancement. There is just a lot of childlike 'awesomeness' that comes along with a cartoon-themed hotel!"

    Sarah - Bartender
    Favorite CN show - "Steven Universe"
    "I wanted to work at the Cartoon Network Hotel because I love hospitality and cartoons. It's a great opportunity to be part of a guest's special day. I love being able to take a guest who is having a bad day and turn it into a wonderful one. Whether it be with marshmallows, glitter, or a kind word from cartoons!"


Contact our Human Resources Office by calling (717) 606-5321 or by e-mailing cnhjobs@cartoonnetworkhotel.com.

Human Resources Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturdays: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sundays: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Open positions will vary and are not guaranteed; positions vary based on qualifications.

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